Slimming world have partnered up with Iceland for syn-free ready meals. Click this post to hear more! In addition to this exciting development, here are some free and low syn foods you can buy at Iceland (UPDATED MAY 2016)

Syn Free:

iceland Basted Turkey Breast Joint, frozen
iceland Beef Roasting joint, Easy Carve, Boneless, frozen
Iceland the butchers market, chicken breast mini fillets, frozen
Iceland luxury roast topside beef slices, 4 pack frozen
Iceland leaner food for you extra lean italian buffalo rump steaks, frozeN
Chicken Breast Fillets, Boneless & Skinless, frozen
Chicken Spears, Korma/Tikka, frozen
King Prawns, Cooked & Peeled, frozen
North Atlantic Prawns, Cooked & Peeled, frozen
Iceland the butchers market Pork steak mince, frozen
Ready Sliced Mixed Peppers, frozen
iceland natural cottage cheese, fat free

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Low Syn

Meat & Poultry

Iceland pork cocktail sausages - 1 syn each
iceland Hoisin duck skewers, 0.5 syn each
iceland mini chicken satay kebabs, 0.5 syn each
iceland great value chicken satay 5 pack, 1.5 syns each
Iceland hot and spicy pork loin steaks, 6 pack, 3.5 each
iceland luxury gaucho rump steak with smoked garlic and herb butter, 3 syns each
iceland chicken grills, sweet chilli - 2.5 syns
iceland chicken and bacon twisters, 10 pack, 0.5 syns each
Iceland chicken and chorizo kebabs, 6 pack - 2 syns each
iceland mini chicken skewers with barbecue dip, 50g - 0.5 syn
iceland simple to cook boneless chicken parcel with sage and onion stuffing, 2 syns each
iceland cooked and pulled chicken breast with tex mex sauce, 3 syns each
iceland british beef burgers, 3 syns each
iceland leaner for you lean veal and black pepper quarter pounder, 2 syns



Jumbo tempura prawns, 18 pack frozen - 1 syn each
iceland breaded cod fishcakes - 3 syns each
iceland rope grown scottish mussels, shallots and garlic - 1 syn per pack
iceland blackened salmon fillets, 1.5 syns each



Iceland egg fried rice, 200g - 2.5 syns

Ready meals

Iceland meal for one sweet and sour chicken with rice, 500g pack - 4.5 syns
Iceland meal for one spaghetti and meatballs, 500g, 3 syns
iceland meal for one sliced beef in gravy, 200g - 3 syns


Sweet treats

iceland mini vienna ice cream lollies 5 pack - 3 syns each
iceland solo smoothies ice lollies, raspberry / mango - 2.5 syns each
iceland topical tornado ice lollies, 2.5 syns each
iceland super smooth milk ice lollies, 4 syns each
iceland super ice lollies, 2 syns each
iceland mini luxury salted caramel tarts, 3 syns each
iceland strawberry mini ice cream cones, 18g - 2.5 syns each
iceland papaya, pineapple and carrot smoothies, 150g - 3 syns


iceland cauliflower and broccoli cheese, 170g serving - 5 syns
Iceland vegetable spring rolls - 2 syns each
iceland cheese and potato gratins, 5 syns each
iceland sweet potato burgers with piri piri, 5.5 syns each