Here is a list of free or low-syn options available in Sainsburys. If you know of any more please comment below :)

Low Syn

Stewed Steak - 1 syn per 400g can
Edamame and butterbean salad - 3 syns per pot
Be Good to Yourself Ham & Roasted Mushroom Tagliatelle - 3.5 syns per shank
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank in mint gravy - 2 sun per shank
Be Good to yourself tomato and cheese pasta bake - 4 syns
Be Good to Yourself Beef Lasagne, 390g pack - 4.5 syns
My Goodness Silky Butternut Squash Risotto - 2.5 syns per pack
Be Good to Yourself Houmous,  reduced fat - 1 syn per level tbsp
Canned beef casserole - 2.5 syns per 400g can
My Goodness BBQ Chicken & Sweetcorn with Rice - 5.5 syns per pack
My Goodness Spicy Pulled Pork & Sweet Potato Mash - 6.5 Syns per pack
Sainsburys Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled British Pork - 1 syn per pack
Sainsburys Chicken & Mushroom Risotto - 3 syns per pack
piri piri chicken breast slices - 1 syn per pack
BBQ chicken breast slices - 1 syn per pack
Basmati rice (micro)- 3 syns per pouch
Pilau Rice (micro) - 3 syns per pouch
Golden vegetable rice (micro) - 2.5 syns per pouch
Spicy mexican style rice (micro) 2.5 syns per pouch
Taste the difference fish pie - 4.5 syns per pie
Taste the difference shredded lamb and rosemary tagliatelle - 6 syns per pack
Sainsbury's Tinned Beef Ravioli - 1.5 syns per can
Sainsburys Flying Saucers (20g bag) - 3.5 syns



Sainsburys Branded Free Foods

Indian style curry savoury rice
Chinese style savoury rice
Golden vegetable savoury rice
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank in red wine and rosemary gravy
Just Cook - Provençal Chicken Breast Fillets w/red and yellow peppers
Sainsbury's Chilli Chunky Beef Pieces
Tinned Spicy Tomato pasta
Tinned Vegetable Chilli
Be good to yourself natural yoghurt 0.1% Fat
Tikka chicken breast slices
Chinese chicken breast slices
Sainsbury's bulgar wheat

Available at Sainsburys, non branded free foods

Beanies Flavoured instant coffees
Danone Shape 0% Fat Yoghurts (Peach, Strawberry, Rhubarb & Apple)
Lancashire farm fat free natural yoghurt

Healthy B

Sainsburys Sultana Bran, 35g
Sainsburys Scottish Porridge Oats with Oatbran & Wheatbran, 35g
Sainsbury's puffed wheat cereal, 35g
Sainsburys high fibre bran cereal, 40g
Sainsburys basics fruit and fibre cereal, 35g
sainsbury's wholewheat biscuits, 2