Here is a list of free and low syn food options available in Lidl. I'm adding new items to this all the time. Feel free to let me know of any others you can suggest! *Updated March 2017

Free Foods

Beef & Pork

Birchwood Farm British Beef Lean Steak Mince, 5% Fat 500g pack (per 100g)

Deluxe Diced Wild Boar, frozen 500g pack (per 100g)

Fish & Seafood

Atlantic Crayfish Tails in Brine, Chilled (Per 100g)
Nixe Wild Pacific Red Salmon, Tinned
Ocean Sea Smoked Trout Fillets with Garlic, Chilled
Ocean Sea Smoked Trout Fillets with Juniper Berries, Chilled
Reef Crest Pink Salmon Fillets in Lemon Butter & Dill Sauce, Frozen
Deluxe Irish Organic Hot Smoked Salmon, chilled (95g pack)
Deluxe Wild Salmon Fillets, Provence Style, frozen
Deluxe Wild Salmon Fillet, Tuscan Style, frozen
Deluxe Prawn Ring, frozen
Nixe Cockles, Cooked & Pickled
Nixe Tuna Carpaccio, Smoked
Nixe Sardines in Tomato Sauce, canned
Vitasia Oyster Sauce
Batts Dark Soy Sauce

Yogurt & Dairy

Linessa Fat Free Natural Yogurt
Linessa Natural Cottage Cheese, Light
Goldessa Cottage Cheese, Light
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Peach & Passion Fruit
Milbona Fat Free Greek Style Lemon Yogurt
Milbona Fat Free Greek Style Strawberry Yogurt
Milbona Fat Free Coconut & Vanilla Yogurt
Milbona Fat Free Yogurt, Banana & Custard
Milbona Fat Free Yogurt, Raspberry & Cranberry (175g Pot)
Milbona fat Free yogurt, plain
Milbona Fat Free Yogurt, Smooth Toffee (175g Pot)
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Vanilla (Per 100g)
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Raspberry (Per 100g)
Milbona Fat Free Yogurt, Vanilla with Chocolate Sprinkles (175g Pot)
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Strawberry (Per 100g)
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Blueberry (Per 100g)
Milbona Skyr High Protein Fat Free Yogurt, Natural (Per 100g)
Milbona Fat Free Yogurt, Cherry (175g Pot
Milbona Fat Free Strawberry Yogurt (175g Pot)
Valley Spire Cottage Cheese with Onion & Chives (Per 100g)
Valley Spire Natural Cottage Cheese (Per 100g)

Chicken & Turkey

Glenfield Marinated Turkey Fillets, frozen
Braemoor Cooked Chicken Breast Strips, Defrost & Eat
Dulano Wafer Thin Smoked Chicken Breast, chilled 200g pack

Chicken & Ham Slices & Skewers

Bally Manor Chicken Skewers, Garlic & Herb
Dulano Roast Ham Slices, Lightly Seasoned, chilled (per 100g)
Dulano Cooked Ham
Deluxe Breaded Cured Ham Slices
Hazelmead Farm Wafer Thin Cooked Ham, chilled 400g pack
Hazelmead Farm Honey Roast Ham Joint, chilled 500g pack
Warren & Sons Cooked Ham Slices
Warren & Sons Wafer Thin Cooked Ham
Warren & Sons Tikka Chicken Breast Slices 180g pack
Dulano Cured Chicken Breast Slices
Dulano Chicken Breast Slices

Flavoured Water & Drinks

Carrick Glen Still Flavoured Spring Water, Strawberry
Carrick Glen Still Flavoured Water, Lemon & Lime
Carrick Glen Sparkling Flavoured Water, Apple & Blackberry
Lindhouse Fruit & Barley Cordial, No Added Sugar, all varieties
Freeway Mexican Lime & Elderflower Sparkling Fruit Crush
Knightsbridge Fruit & Herbal Infusion Tea Bags, all varieties

Vegetables & Beans

Freshona Roasted Red Peppers in Sweetened Vinegar (per 100g)
Campo Largo Chilli Beans in a Chilli Sauce, tinned
Freshona Pickled Red Cabbage
Meadow Fresh Beetroot Salad (300g pack)

Noodles, Pasta & Soup

Newgate Snack Shot Noodles, Spicy Sweet & Sour
Italiamo Minestrone Soup Vegetable & Herb Mix, chilled 1kg pack
Golden Sun Couscous, dried
Newgate Spaghetti Loops, canned

Low Syn

Fish, Seafood & Sushi

Chef to Go Select Sushi Box Naniwa (190G Pack) - 2.5 syns
Chef to Go Select Sushi Box Joto (200G Pack) - 5 Syns
Chef to Go Select Sushi Box Ikuno (200G Pack) - 4 Syns
Ocean Trader Cod Fillets in Herb & Butter Sauce (Each) - 1.5 Syns
Ocean Trader Cod Provençale, (Each)-  2.5 Syns
Ocean Trader Haddock Fillets with A Wholesome Seed Dusting (Each) – 4 Syns
Ocean Trader Cod Fillets with Broccoli Mornay, Frozen, (Each) - 2 Syns
Newgate Salmon in Dill Sauce with Tagliatelle, Frozen (400g Pack) - 2 Syns
Reef Crest Breaded Cod Fishcakes, Frozen 4 Pack, (80g Each) - 4 Syns
Chef Select Steam Meal, Salmon in Dill Sauce & Tagliatelle - 2.5 Syns
Chef Select Sauteed Potatoes with Smoked Bacon & Onion, (250g Serving) - 3 Syns
Braemoor Seafood Salmon Burgers, (Each) - 1 Syn
Reef Crest Haddock Fillets in Herb Butter, Frozen, Twin Pack, (Each) - 1 Syn

Potatoes & Chips

Harvest Basket Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes with Olive Oil, Frozen (4 Pack) -  ½ Syn
Harvest Basket Pan Fried Potatoes with Bacon & Onion, (100g) - 1.5 Syns
Harvest Basket Roast Potatoes, (100g) - 1.5 Syns
Harvest Basket Oven Chips, (100g) - 3 Syns
Harvest Basket Braised Potatoes with Onions, (100g) - 1.5 Syns
Harvest Basket Potato Wedges, (100g) - 3 Syns
Harvest Basket French Fries, Frozen 1kg Bag (Per 100g) – 2 Syns
Chef Select Sautéed Potatoes with Smoked Bacon & Onion, 250g Serving - 3 Syns

Duck & Pork

Braemoor Gammon Shanks in Muscovado Sauce, (Each) -  2 Syns
Braemoor Duck Breast Fillets with Soy Ginger & Plum Sauce, (Per Fillet) - 4 Syns


Braemoor Piri Piri Skin-On Chicken Breast Fillets, (Each) - 1.5 Syns
Braemoor Basted Chicken Breast Joint wwith Stuffing, (Per 100g) - 2 Syns
Braemoor Garlic & Herb Chicken Steaks - 2 Syns Each
Breamoor Chicken Breast Joint, Butter Basted (100g) - 1 Syn
Birchwood Farm Chorizo & Red Pepper Chicken Kebabs - 1.5 Syns
Birchwood Farm Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers – 1/2 Syn
Warren & Sons Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast Slices - 2.5 Syns
Coopers Southern Fried Chicken Goujons, Chilled (Per Goujon) – 2 Syns
Moordale Chicken & Chorizo Skewers - 1 Syn Each
Glenfell Southern Fried Chicken, Frozen Twin Pack, (100g Each) - 4 Syns

Beef & Lamb

Braemoor Pulled Beef with A Bourbon BBQ Sauce, (127g Serving) - 1/2 Syn
Braemoor Lamb Shank in Mint Gravy, (Per Pack) -  2.5 Syns
Braemoor Lamb Shank in Rich Red Wine & Rosemary Gravy (Per Pack) - 5 Syns
Moordale Peppered Grilled Beefsteaks, Chilled 4 Pack (85g Each) - 5 Syns
Eridanous Lamb Souvlaki Shish Kebabs, (Each) - 4 Syns
Lidl Cutlers Premium Stewed Steak with Rich Gravy (Per Can) - 2 Syns
Birchwood Farm British Beef Meatballs, Chilled 12 Pack (Each) - 1.5 Syns

Vegetables & Ready Meals

Newgate Pork Dinner with Roast Potatoes, Frozen Pack - 5 Syns
Newgate Lamb Dinner with Potatoes, Frozen Pack - 6.5 Syns
Chef Select Roast Mediterranean Veg with Basil & Pesto, (170g Servng) - 2 Syns

Yogurt & Dairy

Milbona Fat Free Mint & Chocolate Sprinkles Yogurt, (Per Pot) - 1/2 Syn
Goldessa Cream Cheese, Light (25g) - 1 Syn
Milbona Fat Free Natural Yoghurt (Per 100g) - 1.5
Milbona Fat Free Lemon Cheesecake Yogurt, (175g Pot) - 1 Syn
Linessa Light 0.1% Fat Fruit Yogurt, (125g Pot) - 2 Syns
Tenery Cheese Spread Triangles 24 Pack (16.6g Each) - 2 Syns
Tenery Cheese Spread Triangles, Light 24 Pack (16.7g Each) - 1 Syn
Linessa Processed Cheese Slices, Light 10 pack (20g slice) – 2 syns

Seasonings, Sauces & Dips

Chef Select Fajita Seasoning Mix, (Per Sachet) - 2.5 Syns
Oak Lane Extra Light Mayonnaise, (Per Level Tbsp) - 1 Syn
Meadow Fresh Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filler, (1 Level Tbsp) - 2 Syns
Eridanous Feta Cheese Spread with Greek Yoghurt, (Per 25g) - 2 Syns

On the go snacks

Newgate Instant Couscous, Hot & Spicy - 2 Syns
Newgate Instant Couscous with Roasted Pepper & Veg - 1.5 Syns
Newgate Instant Couscous, Lemon & Coriander - 1.5 Syns
Newgate Instant Couscous, Sundried Tomato & Garlic - 1 Syn
Newgate Chicken Savoury Rice - 1.5 Syns Per Pack
Newgate Snackshot Pasta, Roast Chicken - 1 Syn Per Pack
Newgate Snackshot Pasta, Creamy Cheese - 2 Syns Per Pack
Kania Vegetable & Mushroom Savoury Rice (100g Made Up) – 1/2 Syn
Kania Mexican Style Savoury Rice (100g Made Up)-  1/2 Syn
Kania Tomato & Onion Pasta in Sauce (100g Made Up) - 1 Syn
Kania Chicken & Mushroom Pasta in Sauce (100g Made Up) - 1 Syn
Newgate Cheese & Broccoli Pasta in Sauce, excluding butter (120g pack) – 3 syns
Golden Sun Long Grain Rice, Microwaveable (250g pouch) – 2.5 syns

Treats (under 6 syns)

Chocolate Treats

Lidl Mister Choc Choco Chips, Crispy Mint / Crispy Orange, (Each) - 1 Syn
Lidl Mister Choc Milk Chocolate Raisins, (25g) -  5 Syns
Mister Choc Cocos & Choco Mini Chocolate Bar 350g pack (25g bar) – 6 syns
Northwood Chocolate Cheesecake Mini Bites 12 Pack (20g Each) - 5.5 Syns
J. D. Gross Ecuador Finest Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, 70% Cocoa 125g Bar (Per Square) – 3.5 syns
J. D. Gross Dark Chocolate with Arriba Cocoa Beans 125g bar (per square) – 3.5 syns
J. D. Gross Amazonas Finest Dark Chocolate, 60% Cocoa 125g bar (per square) – 3.5 syns
Crownfield White Chocolate Muesli Bar, No Added Sugar 8 pack (25g bar) – 4.5 syns
Sondey Biscino, Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits 125g pack (each) – 3.5 syns
Tower Gate Breakout, Milk Chocolate Digestive Bars (19g bar) – 5 syns
Northwood Stem Ginger & Dark Chocolate Mini Bites 12 pack (23g each) – 5.5 syns
Crownfield Chocolate Muesli Bar, No Added Sugar 8 pack (25g bar) – 5 syns
Deluxe Dark Chocolate & Mint Coated Shortbread Rounds (each) - 3.5 syns
Choco Softies Chocolate Coated Soft Marshmallows (25g each) – 4 syns
Sondey Dark Chocolate Butter Biscuits 125g pack (each) – 3.5 syns
Deluxe Turkish Delight, Coated in Milk Chocolate (25g) – 5 syns
Favorina Coconut Macaroons with Dark Chocolate 200g pack (12g each) – 3 syns

Sweets & Snacks

Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream (25g) – 6 syns
Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Spanish Chorizo, Cheese & Chilli (25g) – 6 syns
Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Mature Cheddar & Red Onion (25g) – 6 syns
Amanie Gala Fruit Sweets, (Each) - 1 syn
Butterscotch Sweets (each) – 1 syn
Tower Gate Jam & Cream Biscuits (each) – 3.5 syns
McEnnedy Chocolate Chunk Cookies (each) – 4.5 syns
Knights Bacon Rashers Snacks (20g bag) – 4.5 syns
Snaktastic Popd, Sour Cream & Onion (25g) – 5.5 syns
Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Ready Salted (25g bag) – 6 syns
Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Salt & Vinegar (25g bag) – 6 syns
Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Cheese & Onion (25g bag) – 6 syns
Snaktastic Popcorn, Sweet & Salted (15g bag) – 3.5 syns
Snaktastic Popcorn, Sweet (15g bag) – 3.5 syns
Sondey Rice Cakes with Dark Chocolate Coating (each) – 4 syns

Frozen treats

Gelatelli Vanilla & Chocolate Mini Ice Cream Cones 12 Pack (28ml Each) – 3 Syns
Gelatelli Mini-Mix Chocolate Ice Cream Lollies, All Varieties (50ml Each) – 6 Syns
Gelatelli Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches 10 Pack (48g Each) - 5.5 Syns
Noblissima Macarons, Frozen, (Each) - 2 Syns
Deluxe Ice Cream Fancies, Quark & Raspberry (10ml each) – 1 syn
Simply Soft Scoop Ice Cream, Vanilla (per 100ml) – 3 syns
Gelatelli Choc-Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches 10 pack (49g each) – 5 syns
Gelatelli Space Runners Ice Lollies 10 pack (60g each) – 2 syns

Healthy Extra A

Soywell soya alternative to milk, unsweetened (350ml)
Milbona Semi Skimmed Milk, UHT (250ml)
Valley Spire Lighter Mature Cheese (40g)

Healthy Extra B (HEB allowance is shown in brackets)


Chef Select Tomato & Basil Soup (300g)

Bread & Crispbread

Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread (1 Slice)
Rowan Hill Bakery Wholemeal Farmhouse Bread (1 Thick Slice)
Lidl Just Free Multigrain Slices Pan, Gluten Free (1 Slice)
Lidl Maitre Jean Pierre Rye Bread with Sunflower Seeds (1 Slice)
Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread (1 Slice)
Rowan Hill Bakery Seeded Wholemeal Farmhouse Bread (1 Slice)
Rivercote Sesame Wholegrain Rye Crispbread (4)
Crownfield Bixies Wholewheat Biscuits (2)
Grafschafter Milky Crispbread (2)
Grafschafter Sesame Crispbread (3)


Crownfield Mini Wheats (45g)
Crownfield Malt Wheats (40g)
Crownfield Apricot Wheats (45g)
Crownfield Red Cherry Wheats (45g)
Crownfield Fruit & Fibre Cereal (40g)
Crownfield Bran Flakes (45g)
Crownfield Blueberry Wheats 500g Pack (45g)
Simply Sumptuous Muesli, Really Nutty (40g)
Oatilicious Scottish Porridge Oats, Dried (40g)


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