There comes a time in all of our lives where we just gotta have a takeaway, or else you have a dinner out and want to plan ahead. For those occasions, here are the syn values you can expect for common Indian dishes. 

The lowest syn Indian dishes, at a glance are Lamb Rogan Josh or Chickpea Dahl. 

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Bhuna  -  average portion (330g serving) 11 syns

Chicken Biryani - average portion (380g serving) 12.5 syns

Chicken Curry - average portion (390g serving) 11.5 syns

Chicken Dhansak - average portion (350g serving) 6.5 syns

Chicken Jalfrezi - average portion (350g serving) 8.5 syns

Chicken Kashmiri - average portion (350g serving) 9.5 syns

Chicken Korma - average portion (360g serving) 16.5 syns

Chicken Makhani - average portion (380g serving) 16.5 syns

Chicken Pasanda - average portion (370g serving) 20 syns

Chicken Saag - average portion (360g serving) 11 syns

Chicken Tandoori - average portion (340g serving) 9 syns

Chicken Tikka Balti - average portion (375g serving)11.5 syns

Chicken Tikka Masala - average portion (360g serving)14.5 syns

Chicken Vindaloo - average portion (360g serving)8 syns

Fish Dishes

Prawn Bhuna - average portion (380g serving) 10 syns

Prawn Biryani - average portion (425g serving) 15 syns

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Samosas - 2 small, 7.5 syns

Vegetable Biryani - average portion (420g serving)11.5 syns

Vegetable Curry - average portion (380g serving) 9 syns

Vegetable Jalfrezi - average portion (375g serving) 7.5 syns

Vegetabie Korma - average portion (380g serving)15 syns

Chickpea Dhal average portion (360g serving) 5 syns


Lamb Dishes

Lamb Bhuna - average portion (350g serving)12 syns

Lamb Biryani - average portion (450g serving)20.5 syns

Lamb Pasanda - average portion (350g serving)21.5 syns

Lamb Rogan Josh - average portion (350g serving)6.5 syns



Lime Pickle - 1 level teaspoon 1.5 syns

Mango Chutney - 1 level teaspoon 2 syns

Naan Bread - Peshwari, each 23 syns

Naan Bread - Plain, each, 20 syns

Naan Bread - Garlic, each 20 syns

Onion Bhaji - average, each 8.5 syns

Onion Sambal, 1 level teaspoon - average, each 0.5 syns

Poppadoms average, each 4 syns

Pilau Rice (180g serving) 2.5 syns

Plain/Boiled Rice (300g serving)Free

Chapati average, each 7.5 syns