Gluten Free foods on slimming world

Healthy Extra B Alternatives:

60G of any gluten free bread
B Free Multigrain Wrap - 1 for HeB
B Free 1x 60g soft white roll - 1 for HeB
B Free 2 slices Brown Seeded Loaf, Wheat & Gluten Free - 1 for HeB
B Free Super Soft brown seeded sandwich rolls, 3 pack - 1 for heB
Brennans bread, gluten free - 1 slice for heB
Nairns gluten free oat muesli, 35G for HeB
Neals yard wholefoods gluten free porridge oats - 35g for heB
Lidl just free multigrain sliced pan, 1 slice for HeB
Aldi has no gluten free soda bread, unsliced - 50g slice for HeB
Nairns gluten free oatcakes - 2 syns each
Nairns gluten free wholegrain crackers - 1.5 syns each
Kelkin gluten free jaffa cakes - 2 syns each
Amy's Kitchen gluten free split pea soup - 8 syns per can (200g serving is heb)
Genius foods Gluten free crumpets - 5.5 syns each
Genius foods gluten free pancakes - 4 syns each
Genius foods gluten free little brown loaf - 2 slice for heB
Genius foods gluten free triple seeded sandwich bread - 1 slice for HeB
Genius foods gluten free white sandwich bread - 1 slice for heB
Genius foods gluten free white bread, 2 slices for heB
Heinz gluten free spaghetti, dried - free
Heinz gluten free penne pasta - Free
Heinz gluten free tomato and basil pasta sauce - 7 syns per carton
Lidl Just Free pork sausages - 3.5 syns eacH
dellugo gluten free fresh chickpea fusilli - 5 syns per 300g pack
Dellugo gluten free fresh penne pasta, 300g pack - 2 syns

Note: Some gluten-free products may still contain wheat starch and would therefore not be suitable for those who also have a wheat intolerance.
We are aware that some people with coeliac disease may not be able tolerate large amounts of insoluble fibre found in high-fibre gluten-free products. Other foods such as fruits, vegetables and pulses are good sources of soluble fibre and you may find choosing these as Free Foods or Healthy Extras a more tolerable way of eating plenty of fibre.
— Slimming World Rep - Thornhill/Lisvane

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