If you follow slimming world and are also gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive or suffer from coeliac disease, you might think you are very limited with your healthy extra B choice and range of low syn gluten free snacks. However, many supermarkets such as tesco, lidl and aldi offer a gluten free range, or stock gluten free products that are high in fibre, allowing you freedom and access to the nutrition you need. Amazon also stocks some of the harder to find products, so you needn't ever be at a loss. Many of these are listed below.

Gluten Free Healthy Extra B Alternatives:

  • Wholemeal/multigrain bread gluten free - 2 x medium slices
  • B Free Multigrain Wrap - 1 42g Wrap
  • BFree Soft White Rolls, Wheat & Gluten Free -1 x 60g
  • B Free Brown Seeded Loaf, Wheat & Gluten Free - 2 slices
  • B Free Super Soft brown seeded sandwich rolls, - 1 roll
  • BFree Foods Soft White Sandwich Loaf, Wheat & Gluten Free 400g loaf (2 x 30g)
  • BFree Foods Oaty Loaf, Wheat & Gluten Free 450g loaf (1 slice)
  • BFree Foods Stone Baked Pitta Breads 4 pack (1 x 55g)
  • Nairns gluten free oat muesli, 40G for HeB
  • Neals yard wholefoods gluten free porridge oats - 40g for heB
  • Lidl just free multigrain sliced pan, 1 slice for HeB
  • Aldi Has No Wholegrain Rolls, Gluten Free (1 x 60g)
  • Genius foods gluten free little brown loaf - 2 slice for heB
  • Genius foods gluten free triple seeded sandwich bread - 1 slice for HeB
  • Genius foods gluten free white sandwich bread - 1 slice for heB
  • Genius foods gluten free white bread, 2 slices for heB
  • Amy's Kitchen gluten free split pea soup -  (200g serving)
  • Schar Deli Style Sourdough Bread, Gluten & Wheat Free 240g loaf (1 slice)
  • Schar Wholesome Seeded Bread, Gluten & Wheat Free 300g loaf (2 slices)
  • Schar White Ciabatta Roll, Gluten & Wheat Free 4 pack (1 x 50g)
  • Schar Brown Ciabatta Rolls, Gluten Free 4 pack (1 x 50g)
  • Schar Wholesome White Bread, Gluten & Wheat Free 300g loaf (2 slices)


Low Syn Gluten Free Products


  • Nairns gluten free oatcakes - 2 syns each
  • Nairns gluten free wholegrain crackers - 1.5 syns each
  • Heinz gluten free spaghetti, dried - free
  • Heinz gluten free penne pasta - Free
  • Heinz gluten free tomato and basil pasta sauce - 7 syns per carton
  • Lidl Just Free pork sausages - 3.5 syns each
  • Lidl Just Free Gluten Free Potato Crisps with BBQ Flavouring - 5.5 syns
  • Tesco Gluten & Wheat Free Mushroom Arancini Bites, chilled 12 pack (23g each)
  • Tesco Free From White Sliced Bread 550g loaf (1 slice) - 4 syns
  • Dellugo gluten free fresh chickpea fusilli - 5 syns per 300g pack
  • Dellugo gluten free fresh penne pasta, 300g pack - 2 syns
  • Tesco Irish Pork Sausages, Gluten Free, Reduced Fat, chilled 8 pack (28g each) - 2 syns
  • Gosh! Sweet Potato & Black Bean Sausages with a Hint of Lime, chilled 6 pack (47g each)1½
  • Gosh! Beetroot, Kale & Quinoa Burgers with a Hint of Mint, chilled (125g each) 1 syn each
  • Gosh! Mixed Seed, Quinoa, Carrot & Coriander Bakes, chilled (125g each) - 4 syns each
  • Gosh! Mixed Seed, Quinoa, Carrot & Coriander Baked with a Minted Pea Centre, chilled (125g each) - 4 syns each
  • Gosh! Sweetcorn & Quinoa Bites with Harissa & Paprika, chilled (280g) - 4½ syns per pack
  • Gosh! Mushroom, Puy Lentil & Butter Bean Burgers, chilled (125g each) - 3½ syns each
  • Gosh! Butternut Tomato & Basil Sausages, chilled 6 pack (47g each) - 1 syn each
  • Gosh! Chickpea, Courgette & Moroccan Spiced Bakes, chilled (125g each) - 2½ syns each
  • Morrisons Free From Crackers Cheese or Plain (each) - 1 syn
  • Schar Salti Crackers, Gluten & Wheat Free (each) - 1 syn
  • Schar Brown Ciabatta Rolls, Gluten Free 4 pack (50g each) - 4 syns
  • Schar Grissini Breadsticks, Gluten & Wheat Free (each) - 1 syn
  • Aldi The Foodie Market Multigrain Rice Cake Bars (each) - 1 syn


  • Lidl Just Free Iced Queen Cakes  - 6 syns
  • Tesco Free From Rice Cakes, Caramel (each) - 2 syns
  • Kelkin gluten free jaffa cakes - 2 syns each
  • Genius foods Gluten free crumpets - 5.5 syns each
  • Genius foods gluten free pancakes - 4 syns each
  • Tesco Free From Ginger Nut Biscuits (each) - 2.5 syns
  • Gullon Gluten Free Cookies (each) - 1 syn
  • Schar Chocolate Fingers, Gluten & Wheat Free (each) - 1.5 syns
  • Harvest morn chocolate coated rice cake bars - 5 syns each
  • Gullon Gluten Free Cookies with Chocolate Chips (each) - 1.5 syns
  • Gullon Sugar Free Maria Biscuits (each) - 1 syn


Free (no syn value) Gluten free products:

  • Tesco Crumbed Ham with a Gluten Free Crumb, chilled (13g slice)

An important thing to note about gluten free products:

Note: Some gluten-free products may still contain wheat starch and would therefore not be suitable for those who also have a wheat intolerance.
We are aware that some people with coeliac disease may not be able tolerate large amounts of insoluble fibre found in high-fibre gluten-free products. Other foods such as fruits, vegetables and pulses are good sources of soluble fibre and you may find choosing these as Free Foods or Healthy Extras a more tolerable way of eating plenty of fibre.
— Slimming World Rep - Thornhill/Lisvane

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