Farmfoods are renowned for their special offers and ridicluously low prices. Perfect for slimming world on a budget. Here is a list of free or low-syn options available in FarmFoods

PS: It's really hard to find package / nutritional info for farmfoods frozen products. If you have anything you think might be low syn, please send me the pics and ill calculate and add them to the list!

Free Foods

Farmfoods Summer Fruits, frozen
Farmfoods Chicken Breast Slices, tikka and fajita
Farmfoods chicken mini fillets
Farmfoods Steamed
Rice & Mixed Veg
Farmfoods cranberry juice drink, no added sugar

Farfmoods tropical juice drink
Farmfoods frozen gammon
Farmfoods chicken breast Fillets - Chinese / hot and spicy / barbecue
Young's pacific pink salmon fillets
Princes tuna flakes

Low Syn

Farmfoods chicken satay skewers - 0.5 syns for two
Farmfoods extra crispy Southern Dried Chips - 3.5 syns per 100g
Farmfoods Easy Cook Oriental Stir Fry Vegetables, 1.5 syns per 150g
Oriental express chinese prawns, 3.5 syns per 350g bag
McCains micro baked potato - 1 syn each