Slimming World partners with Iceland for ready meals


Picture the scene. You arrive home from work after a busy day. You check the fridge and there is not a Mallons sausage to be found. You panic momentarily and then DING! -- you remember that you have a stack of syn free meals in the freezer, ready to go. This will soon be a reality! 

Last year, Slimming World surveyed its members for recipe ideas. Now, we have heard the announcement that Iceland will be offering slimming world ready meals early 2015.

These meals will be all be free!

You heard me, all meals are going to be syn free. Also, the portions are rumoured to be 500g which is fabulous compared to the teeny tiny weight watchers ready meals!


Those in the UK should have no trouble at all finding a nearby Iceland store. Us Irish are a little more limited, here's the current list of Iceland stores in Ireland:

They also do home delivery for anyone who lives too far away!

Can't wait! What type of meals do you think they'll have in there? Will you be investing in these? Comment below!