Tweaks... Whats the story?

"The tweak mafia are here to spoil the party"...

That was the comment on a recent tweak recipe I saw online today. Haha! "Tweak Mafia" is a bit strong but there are definitely divided opinions on whether or not "tweaks" are okay when following slimming world. I came across this snap which (rather sensationally) explains "terrifying tweaks".

The main pointer being that free foods, when "tweaked" in a way that changes the way they are intended to be served (eg roasted chickpeas, blended fruit) you are losing the filling power and tend to consume more so they must be synned. Its a mysterious beast though, as the syn values are incredibly hard to find for these tweaks :/

My use of tweak recipes is rare and I dont tend to syn them. What are your opinions on tweaks? Comment below :)


Do you feel guilty for tweaking?