5 apps to use with slimming world

There truly is an app for everything these days, some more useful than others. I thought it might be handy to compile a list of apps to help stay on plan, stay motivated and take some of the manual work out of planning your week!

Out of Milk

This one is a gem for all things shopping list-related. You can share shopping lists with fellow slimming worlders by email, categorise your items, and plan ahead within your budget. So handy.


Really can't recommend this app enough if you are in need of some motivation. This app allows you to visualise how you look at your current weight compared to how you would look at your target weight. It takes into consideration height, frame, build and even hair and facial features can be customised.


This is more of a calorie counter app, but if you ignore this aspect and utilise it as a food diary and for tracking your daily "body magic", it has its merits. You can also use it as a syn calculator when using the 20kcal = 1 syn rule for treats.

Water Minder App

Die hard slimming worlders will tell you that water speeds up weight loss. We all know that we should be having 6-8 glasses a day. This app will remind you to drink, tell you how hydrated your body is and so alongside slimming world this app hopefully, will help you lose more weight!

A taste of slimming world 

I couldn't not mention this one! This app gives a 7 day menu to start off, and members have an access all areas pass to syn values, free foods and more. There is a lot more they could do with it! I'm hoping that in 2015 they will add a food diary, weight tracking et al. Time will tell! 

What apps do you use? Comment below!