The average person will gain 6 pounds over Christmas. According to this Daily Mail report  it can take up to 3 months to lose the weight gained over Christmas. Out of all of the reports the daily mail publishes, this is one I'd well believe!

We are almost a week into December, and the majority of us will have at least one Christmas party to go to, a couple of family visits and maybe even a 12 pubs of Christmas jobbo. Awareness is key for these situations. 

I've compiled a quick list of the top ten "synned" Christmas treats and their syn values:

  1. Mince Pies - between 11 and 21 Syns
  2. Mulled Wine - 10 Syns per 100mls
  3. Celebrations - 2 Syns each
  4. Christmas Pudding  - 4 syns per 25g
  5. Beer - approx. 8-10 syns per pint
  6. Wine - 8 for regular glass, 12 for large glass
  7. Stuffing - 4 syns for 50g
  8. Paté - around 2-3 syns per 25g
  9. Homemade Gravy - 5syns per 100ml
  10. Cranberry Sauce - 1.5 syns per level teaspoon

So not too many surprises there. 

Now of course we are entitled to allow ourselves some of these treats but what strategies are there to make sure we don't over do it? Here are a few options:

Flexible syns

Many people swear by going syn-free 5 days a week and then using all of their syns over the weekend -- this could well be the best way forward for Christmas. Just imagine. Up to 105 syns to use over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When you look back at that list - seems like you could tick a few of those of the wishlist with that amount of available syns!

Stick with it

We're fairly lucky that on slimming world, a lot of the main food served at the Christmas dinner table is syn free. Turkey, lean beef, roasties (with Frylite of course) veggies, all A okay. it's definitely possible to stick to plan while having a little of what you like. 

Wait until next year

Others may reason with themselves and go for the "new year new me" option and allow themselves the indulgences of Christmas, promising to get back on the wagon Jan 1.  Is it really worth it though (remember -- a potential 3 months!)

Which will it be for you this year?