Slimming World Challenges

Running short on motivation and need to try something new? Or perhaps you are in need of a boost to your weight loss. How about one of the slimming world challenges. Some are recommended by specialists, others recommended by members each with fantastic results.


Melon Challenge

Before I'd heard of slimming world, I'd heard about melon being brilliant for weight loss. Nutritionists often recommend it as a between meal snack for those trying to shift some poundage, and not without good reason.

They contain Vitamin C, potassium, pantothenic acid, and Vitamin B6 which help to lower blood pressure levels, skin conditions as well as various other difficulties of the circulatory system. Additionally, the natural sweetness found in melons can help shake off a sweet tooth. 

The melon challenge asks that you eat one whole honeydew or cantaloupe melon each day. My favourite ways to eat it are chopped in half, carving the flesh out with a spoon. Alternatively, chopped it into chunks with a muller light on top. Melon balls can be especially refreshing when frozen!

777 Challenge

7 glasses of water, 7 super speed foods, and 7 syns for 7 days.

This one requires a bit of discipline, as you are limited to 7 syns per day and must find a way to fit in 7 speed foods. 

You also will need to be near a loo, as you're required to drink 7 glasses of water per day!

Fish Challenge

The slimming world fish challenge is one of my favourites, I've tried it twice and lost 3lbs each time! The aim is to avoid other meats in your meals and replace it with fish for lunch and dinner for 7 days. To get you started, here are some ideas for what you could have for lunch and dinner for those days:



  • 2 slices of wholegrain toast (HexB) with Philadelphia light (HexA) and smoked salmon, followed by fruit
  • McCains Jacket Potato with Tuna and Salad
  • Scrambled eggs, baked beans and smoked salmon followed by fruit salad
  • Wholegrain B Free Wrap (1 for HexB) with slimming world Tuna Mayo Salad
  • Slimming World prawn cocktail 


Have any of you tried these plans and did you have success with them? Any other challenges you would recommend? Comment below?