Uses for Quark

Quark is something which - unless you are from German speaking regions -  you've likely heard about only since joining slimming world. With it being virtually fat free, its ability to create a creaminess without the calories is invaluable to dieters and slimming worlders alike. Quark is free on slimming world and doesn't use up your Healthy A allowance. Read on for where to buy it and what to do with the curious cheese.

Where to buy Quark

It's becoming more widely available. In Ireland, you can buy it in Dunnes, in both Ireland and the UK you'll find it in most Tescos in the dairy section near cream cheese / cottage cheese and yoghurts etc.  

Uses for Quark

The options are endless - you can use them in place of any recipe that uses soft cheese.  My favourite uses for Quark are as follows:

  • Couple of dollops with mashed potato
  • Mixed with a sachet of options hot chocolate as a dessert, or as a low-syn cake topping
  • Use mixed with passatas instead of cream in curries
  • Mix with red or green pesto and use with pasta
  • Stuff a chicken breast with Quark, ham, garlic and herbs for a chicken kiev style treat
  • Mix with egg, ham and cheese for a crustless quiche
  • Make your own pate by whizzing it in a blender with fish

Other facts about Quark:

Sales of Quark increased 40% in 2014
There have recently been some sweet varieties introduced, such as Vanilla flavoured Quark.