Tesco Slimming World Shop for £15 - (includes meal plan with 21 slimming world meals!)

Slimming World Shopping List £15 Tesco

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been careless with shopping in the past, often spending up to €120 (around £100) on a weeks food shop for two people and a cat. Like many others, I’ve been doing my best to clamp down on unnecessary spending when it comes to food, which can be tricky when trying to stay on plan. I recently asked in the slimming survival chat group what the average spend per person per week was - most said between £20-£40. Hours of graft later, I have come up with this weekly slimming world plan which will set you back just over £15 for 21 meals.

Supermarkets are competing against each other aggressively to offer the lowest prices, which is great news for us! I don’t feel strong loyalty to any particular supermarket as I feel they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, Tesco has many healthy choices and by far has the best online shopping database, which allowed me to come up with this low budget weekly meal plan suitable for slimming world. For 21 meals, it will set you back just £15.50, working out at about 75p per meal.

Before we launch into the meal plan, I wanted to highlight a couple of points:

  • I’ve tried to strike a healthy balance between fresh ingredients and frozen/ready to heat foods.

  • The 7-day meal plan should result in virtually zero waste (for example, you purchase 15 eggs, the plan aims to use 15 are used by the end of the week!)

  • Introduce smart swaps if there is repeated use of something you really don’t like! (eg swapping light caesar sauce for light vinaigrette)

  • Maximum syns used in a day is 7, but most days leave almost full syns.

  • At the time of posting, all products are available at the price displayed.

£15 Slimming World Shopping List - Tesco


Tesco 15 Eggs - £1.25
Tesco Lighter Mature Cheese 200g - £1.55

Fruit and Veg

Tesco Cherry Tomatoes - £0.89
Carrots - £0.24
Redmere Farms Spinach 200g - £0.66
Rosedene Farms Small Sweet Apple 520G - £0.98

Meat , Fish & Poultry

Tesco Everyday Value Tuna Chunks in Brine, canned - £0.65
Tesco Chicken Breast Fillets (Frozen) 640g - £2.81
Eastman's Honey Roast Ham 10 Slices 125G - £1.20

Bread, Cereals & Other Carbs

Tinned New Potatoes £0.35 -
Tesco Everyday Value Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, canned - £0.25
Tesco Wholemeal Bread Loaf 800G - £1.10
Tesco Scottish Oats Porridge 500G - £0.70
Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti Hoops in Tomato Sauce, canned - £0.20

Tinned & Packet Meals

Tesco Everyday Value Tomato And Onion Pasta'n'sauce - £0.20
Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Curry with Vegetables (392g can) - £0.53
Tesco Everyday Value Chilli Con Carne, canned (392g can) - £0.55
Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti Bolognese - £0.38

Tesco Healthy Living Caesar Dressing 250Ml - £0.89

Total Cost: £15.30 | Average Cost Per Meal - 73p

7-day slimming world meal plan

Dying to hear how this works out for people, please let me know in the comments if it helped and if you’d like to see the same for other supermarkets. Thanks!

25 ways to use Mince / Ground Beef on slimming world

Beef recipes slimming world

Beef mince is so versatile and delicious, it's no huge wonder it's a staple for those following the slimming world plan. When 5% fat or lower, it is free to enjoy on slimming world. There are plenty of recipes out there which incorporate speed foods, other free foods and healthy extras to allow for a ton of variety when deciding how to use your bumper pack of mince :) You can also freeze most meals made with beef mince for up to 3 months. Lots of potential for bulk cooking and economically friendly too. 

  1. Taco Chips / Nacho Style Fries
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese
  3. Cottage Pie
  4. Doner Kebabs
  5. Stuffed Bell Peppers
  6. Chilli con carne
  7. Soft beef Tacos
  8. Burgers
  9. Big Mac in a bowl
  10. Meatloaf
  11. Classic Lasagne
  12. Beef burrito cups
  13. Minced Beef Hotpot
  14. Minced Beef Fajitas
  15. Beef Burrito
  16. Cornish Pasty
  17. Meatball Marinara
  18. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  19. Spicy meatball pasta
  20. Meat feast pizza
  21. Beef koftas
  22. Taco Lasagne
  23. Sweet soy beef lettuce cups
  24. Spicy beef pizza (wholegrain wrap base)
  25. Beef Ziti Bake

For those wanting an even lower calorie option, try swapping out the beef mince with turkey mince -- a lot of the above will work beautifully with it.  

What are your favourite beef recipes? Comment below!