Tesco slimming world MEal combinations.

Easy and low-syn meal combos, no recipe required.

Vegetables and lentils coconut Pilaf with rice and roasted sweet mini peppers.

Chicken and Veg Casserole with rosemary roasties and purple broccoli - 4 syns

Roast beef in gravy, roasted root vegetable chips and greens - 0.5 syns

Ginger lime and chilli chicken stir fry with oyster sauce - FREE

Smoky BBQ pulled beef with baked sweet potato and salad - 1 syn

Spinach and chickpea falafels with wedges and beetroot salad - 4 syns (suitable for vegetarians)

Vietnamese style spiralised salad with sweet chilli chicken and wholegrain rice - 2.5 syns

Chicken chasseur served with herb and butter baby potatoes and sweet 'n crunchy salad - 3 syns

Sweet potato falafels with superfood salad and tzatziki dip - 5 syns (suitable for vegetarians)

Salmon and spinach fishcakes with mushy peas and side salad - 4.5 syns


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