The Extra Easy Slimming World plan is explained in simple terms below.  Slimming world extra easy does not restrict you from eating your favourite foods, and you certainly will not go hungry. To me, this is why slimming world is such a success! I've created this infographic to explain the extra easy plan. Feel free to pin it and use it as your quick reference, or read the explanation below.

Timeline Infographic (1).png

Speed foods

Selected saintly fruit and vegetables. The more of these on your plate at any meal, the merrier. You must have at least 1/3 of your plate full of speed foods.

Free Foods

This for me is what is a miracle about the plan. You can eat as much lean meat, eggs, potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, root veg and pulses as you like! Fill the rest of your plate with any free food.

Healthy A Choice

Your dairy intake, to ensure you get enough calcium. A measured amount is allowed per day. Tea and Coffee lovers will likely use this on milk allowance, others who adore cheese will make use of this too. That said, there are dairy free alternatives for your healthy extra such as almond milk, soya milk or oat milk that you can have if you are lactose intolerant.

Healthy B Choice

This takes care of your fibre intake. Each day, enjoy a measured amount of wholegrain bread, rolls, crackers -- even certain wraps! Alternatively, you can have certain cooked or pureed fruit to get the dose of fibre you need.


The best bit... Have between 5 and 15 syns a day on anything you like! Chocolate, alcohol, jellies - its your choice. Check out some of these low syn ideas.


For the full plan, join online or head to a nearby group. You won’t regret it!