Syn Value of Muller Lights (*updated January 2016)

muller light syns

It can be confusing to remember all of the various flavours of Muller lights and whether they are free or contain some syns. Hopefully this is useful to you! 

Free (No Syn Value)

Cherry (no under-layer)
raspberry and peach
Smooth Toffee
turkish delight
Coconut sprinkled with dark chocolate
Coconut with a hint of lime
vanilla and chocolate sprinkles
After dinner mint
Apple strudel
Banana and custard
peach and pineapple
mango and passionfruit
Summer berries (Limited edition)
Peanut and caramel

0.5 Syns

Greek style sublime strawberry
Greek style tempting toffee
Greek style coconut with a hint of vanilla
Greek style luscious lemon
Greek style morello cherry
Greek style honeyed peach


1 syn

Lemon Cheesecake
New york style cheesecake

1.5 syns

Cherry and chocolate sprinkles and syrup

2.5 syns

Muller light goodies, toffee with milk chocolate
Muller light goodies, lemon with meringue pieces
Muller light goodies, strawberry with white chocolate coated balls

3.5 syns

Muller light dessert chocolate fix layers, chocolate and caramel

4 syns

Muller light dessert chocolate fix layers, chocolate and white chocolate

5 syns

Muller light dessert chocolate fix, smooth milk chocolate